Windsor Taz Deluxe Orbital Floor Machine System

Windsor Taz with Orb Technology by Karcher

Windsor Tax deluxe orbital floor machine system for all floor types. The Taz has the ability to interim clean carpets, scrub hard floors, polish concrete and stone, restore grout, and more.

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Part #: 10052930

Select Your Configuration:

  • 9.841-232.0 Taz Basic with ORB Technology, 17-inch pad driver without solution tank
  • 9.841-231.0 Taz Deluxe with ORB Technology, 17-inch pad driver with solution tank

Superior Orbital Mechanics

  • Orbital agitation requires less time, water, chemical, and heat
  • Designed so that the pad has 100% contact with the floor
  • Orbital technology reduces splash factor when compared to a rotary machine


  • Low-vibration design makes this machine easy to use and prevents operator fatigue
  • One cartridge bottle of chemical lasts 1000 sq. ft. on carpet and 3000-5000 sq. ft. on hard floor
  • One pad covers up to 700 sq. ft. depending upon the condition of the floor; pads can be machine washed

Ease of Use

  • Ergonomic, vertical handle is adjustable for different operator heights and folds down for ease of transportation
  • No tools are needed for spray line replacement

What is Orb Technology?

Windsor Taz Deluxe Orbital Floor Machines features and use

Orb Technology is a superior orbital mechanics system. This system allows the Taz to outperform any other machine on the market. It also allows it to be more versatile and work on eight different floor surfaces. Orbital mechanics allow this machine to vibrate and rotate at the same time. This dual motion action sets this machine apart from the competition.

  • The low moisture system has bee designed to clean with quick-drying and immediate use. Easily maintain your carpet and facility with the low-chemical system.
  • Cleaning tile, grout and concrete without the use of excessive water and harsh chemicals is made easy with the Taz. The brush is soft enough to not scratch these surfaces yet strong enough to scrub away stubborn dirt from porous surfaces like grout and concrete.
  • Easily strip floors with the Chemical-Free Taz system. The unique orbital action makes it possible to strip wax in very little time and effort. The chemical free stripping pads are over-sized allowing you to get right up to baseboards.