Sandia Raven Backpack Vacuum

Sandia Raven 6 qt backback vacuum cleaner. Part 70-2001

Compare the Features, Compare the Technology... The choice is simple!

Sandia's commitment to airflow efficiency has culminated in the RAVEN Series. All vacuums test to their optimum performance when new. The true test of performance comes as debris fills the vacuum bag. In older tubular backpack designs, the bag bulges and stretches when it fills, contacting the side wall and top of the motor (see comparison below). The new Raven's 3/4 in. per side increase in diameter and new bag support increase airflow and reduce motor heat, allowing an increase in motor warranty to 5 years! 

Raven 10 and 6 quart backpack vacuums: Maximum Airflow, Maximum Value.

Key Features: 

With the fastest soil pick-up and highest CFM airflow, the Super Raven is significantly more efficient than traditional upright vacuums. The Raven's Hospital grade filtration leaves exhaust air cleaner. The disposable, heavy-duty paper micro-bag mounted inside a washable-cloth shakeout bag makes for easy, cost effective, disposal. The Super Raven has a Lightweight ergonomic design, with a canister shape and cushioning back-pad that fits the curve of any operator’s back. The comfortable shoulder and waist belt design reduces fatigue, making work easier. Easy-to-reach On/Off power switch, quiet motor and 50-foot, 16/3-gauge safety power cord. Twist top lid with static-dissipating vacuum hoses and swivel cuff for right and left-handed vacuuming.

"Ergonomic Back Rest"

Ergonomic Back Rest
Technical Specifications:
 Capacity: 6 Qt
Airflow: 150 CFM
Power: 1340 Watts
Motor: 1.5 HP, 1-Stage
Amps: 11.5
Volts: 115V
Static/Lift: 95
Height; 23"
Weight: 10 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime on the Body, 5-Years on Motor and Electrical.