Windsor Recover 18 w/ Squeegee, Hose & Wand

The Recover 18 gallon Wet/Dry vacuum by Karcher can be purchased with hose & wand only, front mounted squeegee only, or both combined. Custom outfit your machine for any job. 

Please Call for Purchasing Inquiries 1-866-888-0128

***Machine will be Replace by the Karcher NT 68/1***

Select Your Configuration:

  • 1.013-017.0 Recover 18, 18-gallon wet/dry vacuum with front mounted squeegee, hose and wand.
  • 103-492.0 Recover 18, 18-gallon wet/dry vacuum with front mounted squeegee only.
  • 1.013-019.0 Recover 18, 18-gallon wet/dry vacuum with hose and wand only.

Designed with a powerful 1.8 hp vac motor to handle any task you throw at it. 

Well thought out features such as no-tip dumping and on-board storage make this the operator's number one choice for wet/dry vacs.

Optional front-mounted squeegee offers more productive water pick-up.

Large filter provides a constant high suction power and long working intervals without interruption.

18 gallon capacity offers easy mobility for medium to large jobs in a variety of locations.

  • Easy to use, train and operate
  • Complete with on-board tool storage compartment with safety sign storage bracket
  • Unique tank design that results in 100% dumping of solution with no tipping required
  • Designed with an easy-access squeegee lift lever
  • Self-adjusting squeegee assembly