Your new home for cleaning equipment, parts, services, & support! With nearly 20 years in the cleaning industry, we understand the hurdles the current pandemic has thrown in your way. HomePro has the products you need to keep your facility visibly clean as well as safe for employees and guests. 

If you are looking for Cleaning & Sanitization products, Vacuums & Other Cleaning Machines, HomePro can help. 


Some of our most recommended & effective cleaning supplies are listed below:


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Spritzing a little cleaner around is not longer going to cut it. To truly disinfect we recommend Vital Oxide. A cutting edge, hospital grade disinfectant, you cut your ten minute dwell time in half and also have the luxury of being able to continue to work in the area as it is incredibly safe. Buy Vital Oxide


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Not only are hand sanitizers hard on your skin, they can be dangerous as well as expensive and hard to find in bulk quantities. Rinse Free Hand Wash is revolutionizing how you fight germs. When you can't be near a sink, Rinse Free Hand wash allows you to keep your hands clean and protected. Buy Rinse Free Hand Wash


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HEPA filtration is becoming the industry standard for many hotels and restaurants. Whether you need a whole new machine, bags & filters, or a kit to enhance the filtration of your current machine, we can help you out.
Full HEPA vacuums
Kits to convert your machine to HEPA
Add some HEPA bags for extra filtration.


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Motor Scrubber STORM sanitizing misting machines give you freedom to quickly disinfect all common touch points, reducing the risk of cross infection. The Storm boasts high speed, swirl nozzles, that produce an average of 68 micron at 30cm / 12inch spray distance. This nozzle is the key to STORM's performance, giving you a controlled, targeted, layer of protection on contact points. 
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