***Demo Model*** Windsor Chariot 2 iScrub 22x SP

***This is a demo machine***

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*Used* Chariot 2 iScrub 22 SP

Fully reconditioned by our Karcher Factory Service Center. AGM battery package with on-board charger. 195 Hrs. Sold As-Is, No Remaining Warranty.


Machine Info:

Revel in the productivity and power gains from this combination of our Chariot 2 line with our superior cylindrical scrubbing technology. Save time and money by pre-sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming in one pass with this machine. This advantage comes on with cylindrical scrubbing. All of the benefits of a traditional Chariot come with this unit including ergonomic improvements, productivity gains, and easy intuitive operation.

Used Chariot 2 iScrub 22 SPProductivity 
•Designed with our patented Chariot stand-on technology for increased productivity and maneuverability  
•Two 22" counter- rotating cylindrical brushes provides pre-sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming in one pass for thorough cleaning especially on grouted & structured surfaces 
•Over 50% more productive than a conventional 20 inch walk-behind scrubber  

Easy to use 
•An ultra-tight turning radius enables Chariot to run around in five foot aisles with room to spare. Greater access in tight areas, increasing your floor cleaning coverage. 
•Intuitive control panel and an easy- to-clean, fully accessible hygienic recovery tank. 
•Easy access to the debris tray for dumping and cleaning. 
•Wide-open access to battery compartment and effortless access to recovery tank for easy cleaning 

Safety first 
•Swiveling no-adjustment squeegee, with Aqua-Mizer functionality that ensures 100% water pick up for dry, safe floors  
•Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility that allows the operator to see more of the cleaning area  
•Tie-down bar for ease of transportation  
•Quiet operation for daytime cleaning.