Windsor Sensor S Service Box

When you need to save money on bags and filters- choose the Windsor Karcher Sensor S  Service Box. Windsor Sensor S filters should be changed every 10 bag changes.

**Maintenance Tip** To keep your machine running strong, order Service Boxes every time you order bags.

Windsor Sensor S Service Box includes:

1- Exhaust Filter (2846)

1- 10 pack-  High Efficiency HEPA-Bag Filter Bags (5300HEPA)

2- *Microfilter SLEEVE from HEPA-Bag   *The newly-designed Micro Filter sleeve allows you to keep your filter's cage, replacing only the vital filter media. Replaces the 5301 filters.*

**Does Not Fit Windsor Sensor XP12, XP15, XP18 or older Sensor SR vacuums**

Upgrade your filter with the all NEW HEPA Filter from HEPA-Bag shown below! Get the most out of your vacuum filtration with minimal expenditure.