Why Europe is Years Ahead of us When it Comes to Clean?

Erin Deller10/18/19

When you’re in the market for a car you go to a car dealer. When you’re in the market for furniture, you would likely head to your local furniture dealer as opposed to somewhere that will also sell you a gallon of milk. If you live in Europe and you need cleaning equipment, you would turn to your local appliance dealer, such as a Karcher Store.

Over the last 60 years Karcher has established itself as the foremost expert on all things clean. The name is synonymous with quality cleaning machines. While the U.S. has not fully grasped the same outlook on cleaning equipment, the tides are turning. People have grown tired of the limited options available at the local big box stores or warehouse clubs and the expendable quality they get when they do purchase from those retailers. Your money goes further, equipment lasts longer, and works harder at its job when you purchase a machine that is uniquely specialized for the job.

The difference is VALUE. What exactly is value? Value is making your money go as far as possible. Value is choosing quality over simply lowest price. Rarely do you regret buying the higher quality option in the long run.

Disposable vacuums have become the norm in the United States. The initial investment of a quality machine may be slightly higher but the return is a machine that does not need to be replaced in 2 years. The disposable philosophy has become the norm and “cheap options are readily available, but as the rise of eco friendly and Earth conscience consumerism becomes a priority, quality encourages environmental impact. Your Grandmother’s vacuum was more comparable to other household appliances as it was built to last 15-20 years. HomePro offers products that would make your grandmother proud. HomePro offers the largest variety of quality vacuums and equipment, we can help you find the one that fits your distinct set of needs.

More on VALUE in the next post!

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