The Value of Your Cleaning Equipment

The Value of Your Cleaning Equipment

Erin Deller12/23/19

When it comes to cleaning, and specifically purchasing cleaning equipment, spending large amounts of money can be stressful. Cleaning can be a chore, paying exorbitant amounts of money on a chore is generally not something anyone wants to do. Yet when comparing value versus "cheap" merchandise, it seems obvious to choose what exactly is value?

It is often misinterpreted that a lower price tag is equivalent to value. This is simply not the case. If a vacuum has a price tag of $200 and lasts two years, over a twenty year span you will be investing $2000 in disposable vacuums. Similarly, buying an extremely high priced vacuum that may last twenty years is still more money spent than buying a quality machine at the right price. 

Purchasing a residential vacuum from HomePro is far less of an initial investment than that of purchasing a vacuum from a door to door vacuum sales company and more of an investment than that of big box store vacuum. That initial investment can work for you in the long run, or it can work against you. 

True VALUE is making your money work for YOU in the long run. 

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