How Well Does Your Vacuum Clean?

How Well Does Your Vacuum Clean?

Erin Deller12/11/19

Utah's Outdoor air quality foes not look to be improving anytime soon...but is the air INSIDE your home clean?

Did you know indoor air quality can be 20 times more polluted than the air outside? Common sources of allergen in the home are the house dust mite, pets-birds, cats, & dogs, household chemicals, pollen, mold spores, and tobacco smoke. 

While you don't much control over the quality of air you breathe outside, the air you breathe in your home can easily be controlled with a few small changes. 

The largest, and often the most forgotten method of air filtration, is your vacuum cleaner. Whiles it's primary function is to clean your floor, when armed with a proper filtration system your vacuum will clean the air you breathe as well as your floors. 

(If the science of all of this is more reading than you care to do, feel free to come on in you our showroom and we can hammer it all out in person)

Most vacuums capture visible dirt and dust. HomePro carries machines that capture even the tiniest fractions of micron sized particulates. Filters, micro-filters, HEPA filters, exhaust filters, even and especially the vacuum BAG are working hard to keep particulates from disrupting your breathing. Even if you have a HEPA filter on your vacuum, it does NOT mean the entire vacuum is up to the HEPA standard, in fact, most are not. 

Your life is busy enough, don't waste time vacuuming with a machine that doesn't multi-task for your benefit. Your lings will thank you for filtering out the pollution, smoke, airborne allergens, and pathogens while your floors are looking their best. Your home is your reprieve, you should not purchase a less than S-class filtration, which requires filters to absorb greater than 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter.

Visit HomePro for help finding the perfect machine for your needs. Or click HERE oor HERE to browse some of our favorite vacuums. 

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